Coasters and other items Bespoke business cards made from locally grown beech which is windblown. Almost anything can be engraved and in this case it is at 300dpi. These cards really grab someone’s attention and will be kept instead of being binned Eco keyrings made from branches of trees that have been logged. These are a good alternative to the plastic type of keyring which is the usual product for promoting a business. These are from sustainable sources and the laser-engraving is 100% environmentally friendly. They are approximately 35mm - 40mm in size with a 20mm ring If you have an organisation looking for a lower priced item this could be the thing for you. ‘cludgie’ is the old Scottish name for toilet. These are popular gifts and a lot of them get posted abroad to relatives and friends. They stick to your cludgie door with the supplied double-sided sellotape on the back of them.  The width is 95mm and the height is 50mm. yew 35cm x 96cm oak 40cm x 79cm ash 33cm x 149cm One of the advantages of logging all our own timber is that we can choose from a fantastic selection of planks for mirror making. All our mirrors are solid timber and hand finished to a satin gloss finish. The smaller one are up to a height of about 100cm, the medium mirrors are between 100cm and 175cm and anything higher is considered to be large. The small and medium mirrors can be hung on a wall either way up. The medium mirrors can be made to hang on a wall vertically either way up or horizontally either way round. The larger mirrors would be best floor standing due to their weight. There are many options which can be discussed so please feel free to get in contact. A link to the current mirror stocklist can be found on the contact page. Scotland’s National Bard is pictured here on an 85mm square beech coaster. Make Your Business Card Memorable Regarded as the father of`drama, William Shakespeare is as popular today as he was when he writing his plays several hundred years ago. Charles Rennie Mackintosh is revered throughout the world as a designer and architect. A Robert Burns wall plaque is pictured above. Crafted from locally grown and then windblown timber, this plaque measures 200mm tall and 120mm wide. It has a hanger fixing on the back and will hang flush against the wall. The photographs to the left are of fridge magnets made from branches that are from windblown trees or prunings