All timber is sourced from windblown trees, trees that have been felled due to old age or danger, thinning or prunings. As many branches as possible will be removed from the work site when logging in order to minimise any untidiness and inconvenience for other forest/park users, and used for the woodburning stove. Where this is not possible, they will be left in a neat and tidy manner in order to benefit the wildlife and to enable the replanting of trees to take place. Any timber or timber panel products purchased will be FSC or PEFC certified and will state the certification numbers on the invoices from the supplier. Any sawdust, shavings or small offcuts will be used in a woodburning stove to heat the workshop. Larger offcuts and other larger planks of timber will be donated to the Craft and Design Department of Auchmuty High School in order to introduce the pupils to native timbers instead of imported hardwoods. All waste plastic, metal etc. will be taken to the recycling centre in order to minimise landfill waste. Recycled paper will be used where possible and emails only printed out where necessary. All light fittings will use low energy bulbs/tubes and will be cleaned regularly in order to use the minimum wattage necessary to conduct safe wood machining operations. All machines will only be switched on when they are about to be used and switched off immediately afterwards to minimise wastage of electricity. Pens of Distinction will regularly take an active part in local Community Environmental Action days at our own expense, in order to assist with the environmental education and promotion of sustainability with local school children and the general public. This policy is not exhaustive and will be subjected to regular review as and when required.Environmental sustainability is at the core of the business  and is not a "bolt-on" addition. This policy permeates throughout the whole business and every action will be judged against this policy.