This is a lightbox and shelf made from a hybrid of sweet chesnut and oak  made for the ‘Marrying and Blending Room’ at the Famous Grouse Visitor  Centre in Crieff. The light box is approximately 8 1/2 feet wide and is very heavy. This room is  used to inform visitors how the distilleries marry and blend the various  whiskies to come up with the final taste. To the right of the shelf and lightbox  is the bottle display cabinet which is pictured below. These three items were installed in December and  January of last year in temperatures of -15 degrees  centigrade. The job took slightly longer than  anticipated due to the cold freezing our brains and it  seemed like everything was going in slow motion!  These 3 tables were a recent commission for a customer’s wife’s 40th birthday. The tables were made from locally sourced yew that was kiln dried in the workshop. The legs were laser engraved, making it even more personalised. The 2 smaller tables were made to fit under the larger table, when not in use. The two photgraphs on the left were taken next to the tree stump from where the yew grew