Pens and boxes A rollerball made from rhododendron A twist pen made from rhododendron A rollerball made from walnut A rollerball made from yew One of the amazing things about using timber is that no 2 pens are alike. This is due the figuring and colours of the timber. Even 2 pens made from the timber of the same tree are totally different. This makes each pen unique, unlike plastic/ and or metal pens which are exactly the same. All the pen fittings are made from 10 carat cobalt-gold, which is hard wearing and durable. The pen refills and fountain pen nibs are made in Germany by Scmidt-feintech are are top quality. This company are recognised as one of the top pen parts supply companies in the world. This a pen blank with laser-engraving of one of my customer’s web address on the side. The height of the engraving is approximately 4mm high. This engraving will be permanent, unlike silk screen printing which wears off after a little while.